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Earrings – cork

Jewelry in capim dourado, or golden grass of brazil. They are manufactured in the Jalapao, in the state of Tocantins, cerrado area in brazil, the only region of the country where this golden Grass which gives the richness to this product. The harvesting is done from September to November; only the stalks are cut because the flowers remain ;they will regrow naturally.boucles d’oreilles : 22 bracelets: 25 euros /home hair : 12€ /rings : 12€

These rods are worked and transformed into a variety of products : jewellery, bags, vases...The materials used in the jewelry shown: threads of gold-mounted gold-plated or “gold bath”. Nickel-free. Precautions as with all jewellery, avoid drying it under the sun and avoid moisture.


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Earrings – Golden Grass

Bracelets – Golden Grass

Handicraft – golden grass

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Leather goods, golden grass, cork

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  • Wooden earrings
  • “Vegetable Gold” bracelets
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Gold plant in Brazil

fiber capim dourado, or 'golden grass"