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for the whole family.

The oils are certifées CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade.Those are strict criteria and standart . The oils do not contain any added substances or harmful contaminants. They are pure and authentic: plants , roots, buds, leaves, stems from their environment where they grow . These oils are used by professionals in the well-being and natural health.

Workshops are offered around Toulouse (31): next dates to come

Eye care

Herbal: sweet almond oil, Damascus rose, Triphala (mix of 3 berries) Ideal to protect the eyes from allergies: nourishing sweet almond oil for eyelashes and eyelids, rose for its soothing virtues, triphala mix of three berries makes the eyes bright and attractive. Price 6

Eye care

Eye liner herbal: sweet almond oil, Rose of Damascus, Triphala. ref-huil2 - price 6 €

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