My story - My journey

The genesis of the site.

I have long worked in the social action and the animation as employee-liable, and volunteer in community projects, and cultural.


Since my childhood I have been particularly interested in other cultures.


I started to travel. I then followed a short course in ethnology , my first trip as a student in the context of an ethnographic study, a very formative experience, littered with beautiful meetings.
In addition to my professional activity I've been passionate about hands-on activities and artistic in the broad sense of the term. Has everything that can open to the imagination... from the visible to the invisible: the results can be surprising !
Nature , plants have taken an important place both in care of “healing” as in the use that I make. The trend today confirms my path.


After a pause and a large awareness on a professional life that is not suited me more, I continued my commitment by participating in and sharing projects. The encounter with the Other, its expertise, its know-how while using the wealth of even unsuspected-it is the stated objective.


Take into account the environment, therefore, is for me essential.


EVERYTHING is constantly evolving.

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      • Oils

seeds, fibres and forms

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