My story - My journey

The genesis of the site.

As part of my professional reconversion in 2016 I set up on my own by selling the artisanal products of ethical trade from the Arasia-shop store known for more than 15 years in France and internationally.

Being self-taught, I made accessories around natural materials through knitting and sewing. I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills on the subject of leather. To do this, I met a craftswoman for a few hours within the framework of “knowledge and discoveries” organization which connects craftsmen and all people wishing to learn all artisan techniques combined.

At the end of this meeting I started to produce and develop small ranges of fashion accessories. More and more passionate, I wanted to acquire more targeted techniques aimed at making my work more finished and more harmonious. the opportunity arose, the Group of Craftsmen specializing in leatherwork, jewelry and costumes “La Guilde de France” has been offering training since fall 2020. Since then, I have been developing new ranges and original creations; always made by hand!

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  • Wooden earrings
  • “Vegetable Gold” bracelets
  • Creations Leather cases
  • Creations Leather pouches
      • Creations leather Bags
      • Creations Belts
      • Creations Leather accessories

seeds, fibres and forms

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